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i have been meaning to post about this book that my brother and his lady love got me for my birthday a few years back. it was custom made for me by artist tai snaith and it's one of my most favourite things. it is painted on a vintage psychology book (i work in that field) that she bought. book usually lives on my desk inside a glass display box with some other curiosities which i will hopefully remember to photograph for you v soon. i think she is exceptionally talented and creative. i have since been given another of her illustrations that hangs in my hallway and i can't wait to add a new piece to my collection. peep the rest of her work here.

xxx c
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  1. I love your blog! It's so nice to have a good Aussie one to read and get inspiration from! If you don't mind sharing, where did you get your glass display box from and also the white bookshelf on the left of your cover photo.


    1. thanks for the compliment! i got the glass display box from a shop in sydney (castlecrag) called serin cini, they have a few sizes, and the white bookshelf on the left if from ikea x claudia


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