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so excited today! the adore home magazine feature on chez moi is out. it's so weird seeing your own house in such a public place but Loni makes it look so so good i couldn't be more proud! thank you so much for the opportunity to be featured in your glorious magazine. oh, and by the way if you have a peep at the last page you may see something else a little familiar coming out next issue...

clickety click here to read the mag

xxx c

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  1. YAY you are famous!!!!!!!!!!!! x la rue

  2. AMAZING! I adore Adore and love your office. Especially the ghost chair and print about the desk!

  3. Congratulations Claudia! Your feature in Adore also featured in my blog post earlier today. I'm totally in love with your workspace. pure perfection!
    Michelle xx

  4. Congratulations Claudia! Beautiful images and perfect style.


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