9 glossybox number three

ok, so third glossybox arrived, did it make the cut?  here's what i got: a nivea rich nourishing body moisturiser (travel size), sheer cover nourishing moisturiser spf 15+ (travel size), sheer cover lip gloss in pink praline (full size), estee lauder advanced night repair synchronised recovery complex (travel size), sally hansen insta dry fast dry nail colour in petal pusher (full size) and (drum roll)..........some australia day temporary tattoos. i am not joking and i nearly died when i saw them. why do it glossy box!?! anyway, it was a pretty good box, i will probably use all the products (especially those tattoos tomorrow - watch out)

despite these, i am staying for another box...

xxx c
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  1. I got a blue eyeliner instead of the np in mine, seriously, what am I meant to do with a blue eyeliner?! I also didn't get the Estee Lauder night repair and received a scrub instead. Needless to say if the next one doesn't cut it I'm unsubscribing.

    Have you heard Jamie XX's mash of Biggie's stuff? Find it here: http://prettymuchamazing.com/mp3/the-notorious-xx-free-mixtape

    Under the Vimeo clip is the Soundcloud thingy (it can take a moment to load...) just click on each track individually to D/L.

    Enjoy ladypants!!

  2. TY blithely! listening to it RIGHT NOW - BEST EVER. p.s. i would have resigned if i received a blue eyeliner...

  3. I'm embarrassed about those tats. Oh dear

  4. Ok... just found this too... scroll down and at the end of the mix is a whole bunch of Biggie stuff that's not on that other link.

  5. woops! the link: http://soundcloud.com/wait-what/sets/music/

  6. Same here re: tattoos. I had to pick my box up from the post office on the way to work. When I got there I made a *big* deal of opening it in front of my colleague who I'd suggested subscribe for his girlfriend as she was feeling a bit blue. I opened the box and he was suitably impressed with the outer mailing box, the pale pink actual box, the grosgrain ribbon, the stiff black paper, the TATTOO's?! Are you kidding me? What am I, five?

    I ended up giving them to him for his kids before stuffing the whole thing in my desk drawer. Needless to say, don't think his girlfriend's getting a surprise Glossy Box each month.

  7. i got the shitty blue eyeliner too HB

  8. Another disappointing box from Glossy box. I got the same box as Blithely Unaware – useless stuff. I’m giving it one more month then I’m going to sign up for Bella Box instead.


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