3 curl curl house/kid's bedroom

beige perfection in a kids room - the occupant is one LUCKY girl (if you have 3 brothers you would need/deserve a little sanctuary i think) and a beige dolls house...i mean! p.s. i love that she loves hello kitty, so do i

xxx c
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  1. Yo!
    Did you see the dinosaurs? There is nothing special about the Schleich ones, I just found them on Ebay and thought they looked... real-ish.
    Did a search on Amazon and found the 2 Biggies, white and blue in a deal where you get both for $30 so that's what I've done. Can't wait to get them, I'm going to give them to Hamish on Valentine's day. I was considering giving them to him as part of his wedding present but I can't wait that long.

    I love this room and I've saved the image on my computer, I hadn't ever thought of beige as a suitable colour for a girl's room but it works SO well. Especially with the pops of Hello Kitty pink. It reminds me of the cream arm chair in our bedroom with neutral/beige cushions and my GIANT Hello Kitty doll albeit she's in normal Hello Kitty colours.


  2. I love this combination for a childs room. I have gone all white ceiling to floor in both my sons rooms (19 and 5) and then all their bits and pieces really pop. People often look agast at the white floor boards but they are so easy to look after. xxCorrina.


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