5 my place: vignettes

scenes from my hall table. thanks alice for the cute idea of the stacked hermes boxes and thanks hannah for the photo you sent me

xxx c
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  1. Where do you find the little display domes? I can only find MASSIVE ones at Myer.. :( x Ps.. Love this..

  2. I'm really curious to see your feature in Adore Home Mag...

  3. love it...where did you get the jellyfish glass dome from???

  4. I got the display dome from st vincent de paul (thrift shop if you are not from aust) i ususally find them at junk shops or anitique shops. I know professor plums in sydney have small domes too. Re the jelly fish, i found it at alpha 60 in melbourne and then when i came home to sydney the very next week i found one in pale pink at vinnies! Its just a paperweight, i imagine you could find them on ebay if you search paper weight jellyfish x

  5. Another beautifully sisplayed collection Claud!


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