3 queenstown

the beginning of our trip, 200 magazines for the 2 hr flight across the pond

my favourite vista - i felt like we were in the sound of music

a field of crazy beautiful ombre flowers in arrowtown (think northern exposure and the sundance film fesitval) we aksed the helpful florist if they were available for the wedding but she said that they were not in season (of course they're not!)

pretty much the cutest shop sign ever! (notice the bike is not chained, these new zealanders are trustworthy)

one of my most favourite discoveries in queenstown. on my last trip in november last year we saw sign for the queenstown zoological gardens which of course i had to follow, and what we found was 3 ponies, some bantams and a peacock - so cute! but hardly a zoo. i made hannah come and visit this marvel with me again this trip

my favourite house in kelvin heights, so modern and boxy fresh.

xxx c
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  1. Random - I was just browsing through your blog and this house was designed and built by one of my good friends. I wrote a story on it that was published in NZ House and Garden mag a couple of years ago. My friend now lives at the back of this house in an even cooler house - which I also did a story on for NZ house and Garden! Ha! I can email you pics of the inside if you wanted to see them...

    1. Seriously!? I would love to see them, and your story in h & g too! Xx


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