3 gloomy weekend

bored/revitalised enthusiasm for polyvore plus i just bought some red pants and have been umming and ahhing about getting leopard flatties. F.Y.I the nail cuff is vintage hermes from 1st dibs, amazing huh? and i am equally amazed/obsessed with ileana makri jewellry and would not turn this necklace down (J?) the denim shirt is basically glued to me every day and i am a huge scarf girl, this one from marant is an absolute beauty. the peonies were added because i am still grieving about not having them at my wedding, i should have got married NOW when they are in season, i'm sure girls do that don't you think? the celine is an unjustifiable dream (i'll settle for an emile though) and the breton stripe is ksubi. lastly, i am freshly obsessed with illuminator and this one from nars is on my must buy list, also from nars, the schiap nail colour makes me feel good. 

xxx c
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  1. Love every item. I truly feel you on Celine. At this point I would settle for even a pouch lol

  2. I should play with polyvore as well...this is such a beautiful combination! Peonies and anything by Celine (by Phoebe Philo) are two of my favourite pleasures, ever!

  3. Thank you for being my (more glamorous!) fashion twin. NO THANK YOU for making me lust after that Ksubi top - of course I can't find it in anything larger than a "S" and I cannot. Stop. THINKINGABOUTIT!!!!!!!!!!

    Loving your beautiful blog, every inch of it, as always. Merry Chrissie Claudia!


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