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i decided that balenciaga needed to be retired for a while, despite having had an extreme makeover last year, she really is getting on and the handles are slowly disintegrating. so welcome new zara bag! it was only last week that i did a post on it so i am very excited about having a new bag, i haven't bought an everyday-er for years. it is super roomy and slouchy, i just hope i don't get over the studs.

while in the city i also walked in to aesop in and a very pretty man told me what kind of skin i had, raved about my brows and then loaded me with samples and recommended i bought the camellia nut cream so i did. there was lots of talk about parabens and free radicals and some other things which i didn't really listen to, i told him 50% of my decision to buy the stuff in the first place was because of the packaging! (i don't think he liked that much...) i love when i can tick things off my to buy list.

xxx c
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  1. ha ha Im so glad to hear someone else say they bought it for the packaging! Im exactly the same! Gorgeous bag btw.

  2. I had a similar experience to yours at the Aesop counter at Myer Bondi J and I loved all my samples...when I went back to buy at DJ's Chatswood Chase was a total different story...no one new a thing about the product and I got so frustrated I had to buy a random eye and night cream and of course didn't enjoy them as much, but yes the packaging is great...xo


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