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i had bought a dress for my engagement party and it was black and silky and maxi and floaty but everytime i thought about it i thought about how i could style it up and change the look (especially after seeing little AHS trying on a neon orange silk confection from scanlan with some MAJOR camilla skovgaard shoes - i had severe colour envy). why would i wear something i wanted to change the look of? so dress was returned quick smart and silk neon orange shoes were purchased along with a new look for me that i feel 100% comfortable in. very excited for new outfit and no, it's not sass and bide as pictured, this was just another look that confirmed i needed some colour and drapey-ness. and with only 9 days to go i am getting v excited!

xxx c
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  1. I love the bright colours that are out this season :)

  2. OH I am the same... I know I want a maxi of some sort... but I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay leaning towards colour at the moment, something bright.... need to go shopping!


  3. SHAME though that little AHS still hasn't found anything. Maybe she will just go naked or hide amongst the 'sweet' table in a rather large glass vase...?


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