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this lot is from a while ago when the selby did a pop up show/shop at colette in paris and i couldn't get that bone furniture out of my head. they are the creations of Vincent Darre from Maison darre, all limited edition of course. citing jean cocteau as a great influcence, darre describes his eclectic collections of furniture as cabinet curiosities. much like cocteau, darre's goal is to make sure he is always entertaining, he also believes that fashion and decoration are inextricably linked, which makes sense as he worked for Ungaro and Moschino as well as contributing to Vogue Italia and Vogue Paris. so the fact that his pieces are sitting in Colette makes perfect sense, and what also makes perfect sense, is that they should be sitting in my apartment too!

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  1. Trying to fit out a retro style area currently, but i'm still trying
    to locate a bright red table though I don't assume ikea would stock those!

    Here is my blog ... Rosalie


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