5 bag/prada/saffiano/black/gold/double zip action

i was in prada last weekend with hannah looking for my wedding shoes (found them in miu miu in the end but of course they were sold out in my size and of course i couldn't even find them on shopstyle! so the search goes on) when both hannah and i fell in love with this bad boy (pictured). it's so delicious and big but it's also $2500. i tried to convince hannah to buy it saying she'd be a fool not to snap it up immediately and that she deserved it and hadn't bought a significant bag for ages so i could get vicarious pleasure, but she didn't capitulate and ever since i have seen this bag on mass, even one in the lift in my apartment building - i was staring so much she hid it from me and turned the other way (good move). 

perhaps i can put it on our wedding registry? (joke, AHS)...

xxx c
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  1. Gorgeous! I'm sure you NEED it as the perfect honeymoon traveller! Nothing like upcoming nuptuals to blow money! Get creative! Love those sneakers too Claudia!

  2. I think we should go shopping together, you are such a great support to friends!

    Regarding the wedding registry, my husband had a similiar fear as he thought I would open it at one of my favourite shops...


  3. not just - i know right! she tells me i am terrible to go shopping with because i tell her to buy everything that looks good on her which is practically everything!

    KL - a honeymoon traveller? genius...

  4. baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaaa

    I did the same to Hamish... tried to TRICK him while he was sleeeeping, I suggested we put a Birkin on the registry... he said yes.. THEN WOKE UP AND ASKED ME WHAT A BIRKIN WAS... I told him it was an appliance but couldn't think quick enough to lie about the type of appliance/what it did etc... I was foiled. My plans are out the window huhuhuhuhuhuuuu

  5. B-U - a BIRKIN? why didn't i think of that! you could slyly sneak in a little constance (who would notice??) wedding registries are F.U.N!


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