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i currently use 2 perspex drinks trays from wheel and barrow bought about 2 years ago (pics to come). they have cross legs and a removable tray on top. more recently i got sick of the dust that would accumulate on the perspex so i replaced them with a square of natural stone left over from mum and dads bathroom reno years ago. i don't think the perspex legs are quite up to carrying the weight of the tile so i cant really put much on the tables other than a lamp and clock, so i have decided to get some metal frames made for the tiles much like the ones pictured. they are due to be finished any minute but now that i have seen them used as coffee tables i am thinking i might look for new bedsides altogether or go back to the perspex ones and use the new ones as a coffee table. but then when i was at parterre last week with mum i saw this beauty below and now can't stop thinking about it...

decisions decisions! 

xxx c
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