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i had a horse most of my childhood, a chestnut arab. i was horse crazy - going to horse camps in the holidays and covering my year books and bedroom walls in magazine tears. nowdays i prefer something a little more grown up and since i dont have a horse anymore i am looking to interiors for my equine fix. of course there is the Mooi horse lamp but i dont live in an aeroplane hanger so that's not an option. i'm thinking maybe a huge photo, although i do stil have some florence broadhurst horses stampede leftover from my bedroom at my parents house...

xxx c
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  1. ohhhh Hello Horsie!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Love it! I had an stubborn little Welsh Mountain pony as a kid and I too had horseys everywhere :) I had a dream the other day that we had horse wallpaper. Maybe I should go with it?

  3. do it! i was so sad when i moved out because i had to leave my horse wall behind!


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