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pics: iomoi

i discovered this store(iomoi)a few years ago when i was obsessed with lucite and monogramming. they customise stationary, trays, desk accessories, pens, coasters, matches, paper weights, ice buckets, letters holders and bags to name a few of their products. there are oodles of designs and sizes to choose from - making it somewhat harder to leave with only one thing! small trays start at $150 and ottoman size start at $698, a pretty hefty price tag but worth it because the chances are it's one of a kind.

xxx c
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  1. Thanks!! Thats really nice to hear as this is something i've never done before

  2. love all the colours here...lovely blog, am following :)
    Claudia xo

  3. Great blog already added to my bookmark. Could I ask what the name of the figurines you have in your header they are fantastic. Look forward to more.

  4. anonymous - they are from the visionaire series. if you google 'visionaire 45' they will come up. i got mine from ebay...thanks for visiting! claudia


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