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Photographs by Jacqui Turk

Lifestyle brands PR whiz Sarah Cichy of Piccolo PR invited me to have a glimpse into her home office and shared some of her interior inspirations...

Tell me a bit about your space,  My apartment is ultra-minimalist - strong art deco lines are mixed with contemporary artwork and photography which help create a lived-in look without being precious. I wanted to create a space that has a beautiful balance of femininity and old-world charm so that when someone was to walk into it they wouldn’t know whether it was decorated by a male or female.

The Piccolo PR office is a complete change of pace. We spend so much time here, living and talking design, that I’ve been very ‘light-minded’ in creating a space that is empowering but not overwhelming. I love all thinks Scandi- which have been mixed with copper and pastel artwork, and included some of my favourite quotes and prints from Brainspiration – it’s important we all stay super positive and motivated at work!     

How important is furniture and decor to you? I’ve always loved décor and design, and prefer to invest in a sofa than stilettos (well, that’s not 100% true, but you can see the love!) Furniture is fun as it enables you to seasonally change the atmosphere and spirit of a space by introducing a few little touches here and there. 

Favourite piece? My new guilty pleasure is a piece by Artist Tanya Linney called ‘Worked Over’ which has rich inky blues and bright pinks. The colour combination is so electric- I can look at it for hours! I also love Lucie Kaas collection of Nordic bowls and some of her charming little animal creatures- super cute!

How would you describe your decorating ethos? Surround yourself with things you love- and try to use current trends to inspire you/ rather than dictate the theme of the room.
Most importantly-  don’t be a homewares hoarder! Sometimes a room may just have ‘too much’ going on, so best to de-clutter the home, select and introduce your favourite pieces back slowly. Smartbox mobile unit has been my recent saviour as I can pack and send furniture and collectibles away whenever I need, and then get them to deliver it when I need them back!  
How does representing lifestyle brands impact on your own style? I’m really fortunate as I get exposed to amazing brands and artists both locally and abroad, however my style remains consistent as I’m relatively conservative and minimalistic, and add a few different pieces along the way to freshen up the space.

What's on your furniture/decor wish list? I’ve been thinking (everyday:) about the Timothy Oulton Sofa from Coco Republic which I’d love to mix with the Soho Art-deco Side table from Adairs. It’s a bit of an odd match but I think it’ll work! Guess I’ll just have to try! 

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