1 a {few tan leather} chair{s} a day

I feel physically sick looking at these chairs. Of course they are in LA, of course shipping's too expensive (because for once the chairs aren't ridiculously priced - just a little bit) GET IT TOGETHER AUSTRALIA - make things that are beautiful like these chairs and make them somewhat reasonably priced. Too much to ask? Okay, enough aggressive ranting. These chairs are called the Rod + Weave by Eric Trine and I l.o.v.e them

The Hunting Chair by Borge Mogensen (can be purch'd in Sydney at Great Dane Furniture

The Toro chair from Bludot, the chair that got me dreaming of tan leather and incidentally the chair I purchased for my client's master bedroom

The F44 chair by Pierre Paulin (this lady has made an appearance before on a chair a day) and another by PP, the Butterfly chair

and finally the thin frame lounge chair by Lawson Fenning - heavenly

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