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Just a week before I gave birth I was asked to take on the decorative transformation of a friend's new 5 bedroom home. Despite being a little nervous about how I would juggle being a new mum and not knowing how much work would be involved (the deadline for completion is December 1st), I felt like I couldn't pass this opportunity up. Luckily for me George has been a bit of a dream and I have been able to work pretty hard on this project (I also invited my sister in law Alice to share the load with me which has made the job immeasurably more enjoyable). Breast feeding is also my friend as I communicate with the owner (she's in London) and scour the net for delicious product in the wee hours of the morning. I will update you with the progress of the transformation and share purchases and mood boards etc.

For now, here are the real estate shots as it is currently furnished, I'll post more on Friday so pop back in!

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