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I was brave and attempted a Real Living DIY last week. Did you see those concrete bookends they made? It was relatively easy and I think would come out beautifully after a few practices! I took myself off to Bunnings and bought a mixing bucket, stirrer/scooper and a little bag of concrete (all up $15). I found the hexagonal plastic mould at vinnies for $1 the week before and knew it would come in handy. I have since thought that buying nicely shaped glasses from op shops is a good idea so you can just smash the glass off afterward

I mixed as per the instructions and also coated the sides with oil so it would slip out afterward. Of course it was not that easy and I ended up having to break the mould once it was dry - boo.

Chucked my crystals in after a few hours and let it set for a few days...

et voila! Concrete bookend

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