0 a chair a day {jaime hayon's ro chair}

This piece of work is courtesy of Jaime Hayon for Fritz Hansen, it's the Ro chair and is - in my humble opinion - perfect. Yes it makes a difference seeing it cocooned by polished concrete and marble, even out of this exquisite context she sings! So, as you know I am madly looking for a feeding chair (and still deciding if it's something I even need, as - let's be honest - I'd rather be watching RHOBH on the couch) but this is a leeeeetle out of my budget and sadly I don't think a replica would do it justice! Still, a girl can dream, right?

The Ro chair can be purchased through Corporate Culture in Australia for the measly sum of $4111. If your are super keen for details, the cushion on the chair in the first image is from Pony Rider here.
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