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I need a remote control hiding box. This KW above is clearly very small but it's the look I want. Similar to this Tory Burch below. I have seen millions of those orange lacquer ones that resemble an Hermes box but I am looking for something different. Nothing too ethnic, more modern. Open to colours but will probably end up black and white. Does anyone know of any good sized boxes in Sydney? I found a selection on The Zhush but I want to see them in the flesh HELP!

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  1. Have you tried this store in Randwick http://livethis.com.au/store/homewares/

    I have this on my to see list next time I am back in Sydney

  2. Got a perfect one from harrold's. No longer on his website but I'm sure he'd source another for you!? X kl

  3. Currently using my gold / white Uashmama bag. Perfect use post Xmas!


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