5 DIY {himmeli}

The DIY queen Lyndsay had a go at the scandinavian art of himmeli and posted the results on her instagram, I got myself down to the bargain shop to purchase supplies immediately. 2 bags of jumbo straws - the only colour was pink, go figure - 2 packets of craft wire and 1 episode of Beverly Hills 90210 later (the one where Brandon loses his virginity to his visiting girlfriend from Minnesota) et voila! A very oversized wreath. The suggestion is to cut the straws in half but I wanted big. This meant that when hung it sort of collapsed but I quite like that look, imagine a mirror inside (?)  The tutorial Lyndsay sent me can be viewed here. I promise it's super easy and takes no time at all. hashtag proudofself

You make 7 of these shapes below and then join them all together, super easy!


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