3 furry stools and other things i cant have

As well as having a thing for an X bench, I'm also hankering for a furry stool. Yes I have talked about these before (again and again probably). So why doesn't anyone in Australia make these? I feel like I need to open up a shop (or magically become a furniture designer) and sell all the cool things we see in the states and can't get here. And I'm not talking about importing them so they cost a bomb, I mean actually produce them and sell them here. These ones in particular are from Pieces - in America naturellement. Do you all get as bummed out as I do scrolling through all the cool sites we can't buy from? And what about all the brass etagere's? The lucite desks? The cool lamps?! I feel like we need Freedom to step up their cool factor with furniture, not just an 'on trend' throw cushion...

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  1. agree agree agree thank you!!!

  2. I totally get it...I live in the Caribbean so we don't get all the cool pieces you see in the US, even if we did it'd cost a fortune -_-

  3. Couldn't agree more!!!!


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