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I went down the south coast to Huskisson last weekend with my sister in law and friends, we stayed in a beauty beach house on the water with a fire place and views for days. I always forget how stunning this area is. The sand simply does not get whiter and the water is crystal clear. But my most favourite of all are the natural curiosities to be found. I ended up with a sore neck from staring so intently at the ground - beach coming for hours. For me it's akin to op shopping, you don't know if you're going to find anything great but there's a chance you will and that's all I need, the chance I'll find something great. Luckily I did - a teeny tiny skull, I had no idea what it was (my sister in law Alice was convinced it was a fairy penguin) I put it on instagram and lovely Nest Emporium told me it looked like a Sea Horse skull. You actually couldn't have told me it was anything better (besides a unicorn). She is only small so I am going to have to think carefully about how to display her. I also found lovely urchins, a small spine fully intact and some other delicacies. I cannot wait to go back in summer so we can enjoy the water that was oh so tempting but oh so cold...

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  1. wow great pictures!!
    kisses from Milano


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