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hello march! you crept up quickly didn't you? so besides the fact that it's only a month until i go back to queenstown to celebrate our first wedding anniversary, here are some other little delights for the month that are making me smile. starting with this new app i made face, hannah doesn't think she looks that much like me but i am obsessed with my cartoon lookalike and besides the hair (i wish) i reckon she's a dead ringer! LOVE this cute DIY magnet idea from fuji files

i helped my MIL make 6 fresh candles from one massive cire trudon whose container smashed, actually a very easy process but lots of the smell has gone which is a shame 

obsessed with these crystal-ly pradas at sunglasses hut

and finally  loved receiving this little thank you full of thank you stationary from my favourite magazine editor Loni

PS don't forget to pledge some money to make the adore home magazine coffee table book a reality - you KNOW you want to

xxx c

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