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pretty excited about life instyle this year and it's only less than a month away! life instyle are collaborating with jane frosh and lucy weight of cool edies fame to launch style lab
"set to explore the elements of creativity and style through a series of changing scenes designed and created each morning of the event by Cool Edies, visitors will witness the creation of a real life photographic set, using exhibitor products and industry trends to develop and execute concepts on the spot to be admired by visitors until the next morning."
"the new Style Lab concept allows us to draw visitors into the studio, just as if we are working on a real life shoot- except with a vibrant, live element mixed in,’ says Cool Edies. Such artistic explorations will be inspired by international trends, crazy concepts and will set to push creative boundaries. ‘ You can expect to see us testing things out,..pushing limits,..and you can expect us to be listening to great music!,’ says Cool Edies."
i for one will am dying to see this, who's coming with?
xxx c
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  1. I'll be there having a nose around! Loving the idea of watching the pros at work too. Just need to find out what time the Style Lab starts each day....


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