1 a chair a day (and one hell of a desk)

pic: carters
well i have just realised that i haven't done a chair a day post in a loooooong time, and i came across these milo baughman chairs and had a big fat surge of lusty need so i thought i would share. i then followed this with an image search of Milo and found this absolute beauty of a desk, i am even more in love with this than the chairs!

pic: la modern

pic: icollector

baughman also made this sucker - make you weak at the knees? me too...want one more? okay, how about these club chairs?

this year for christmas i want gift vouchers to 1st dibs please, hundreds of them...

xxx c

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  1. OMG. I love those club chairs!!!!!! Now I'm going to have to go searching. lol Thanks for making me wish I wasn't so broke.

    Much Love,


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