1 sea horse

i swear i have some kind of psychic magnet when it comes to getting things i want, i have been wishing for a naturally found sea horse for a while now and on Saturday when mum was up at Avoca she found me one washed up on the beach. she texted me guess what i found you and i IMMEDIATELY knew it was a sea horse. apparently there had been very turbulent seas which had helped her meet her maker. mum carried her home is a little takeaway container and then googled how to preserve it (clever modern mummery), she soaked her in rubbing alcohol then when i came over i stretched her out in a long celery container (after everyone had a good poke and look at her - it was family dinner night). 

i have been researching how to dry her out and i get varying reports, some say bury it in salt and others say hang it up to dry out naturally. i would need a bird cage so the birds and possums don't get at her, vinnies maybe? 

my cousin made her look magical with the cute app...

i look forward to sharing her with you once she is dried out

xxx c

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  1. So amazing! I have 4 preserved sea horses, but I bought them at a local sponge docks area!


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