4 oh. my. semi precious stone

WOW. this takes kitchens to a whole new level. caesarstone have created a collection of individually cut and bound semi precious stone bench tops and splash backs called concetto and they are un-bee-lievable. check out the full range here (i assume you will have to take out a second mortgage to get one of these bad boys)

just add this to the ever growing list of when i have my dream house...

xxx c

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  1. AMAZING!!!!!! cheers Jess =)

  2. holy SHIZZ!! How did i not know about this?

  3. Stunning! I saw these at the Grand Designs Live show in Sydney. Here's a peep of the stone in situ...
    Definitely has that WOW factor!
    x KL

  4. OMG. You've got to be kidding me. My future husband is going to hate me for the amount of money I've already spent on my dream house in my head. This just compounds that problem.

    Much Love,


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