3 instagram week

have any of you eaten at the hill eatery in bondi? it was delish (i had the pumpkin and mushroom lasagne)  but the bondi hipster waiter kind of spoiled it for me...

eckersley's at chatswood 

a fugly meeting room at my work - they should hire me to do a make over (think of all the pink!)

project 'how much folding can one girl handle'

more vignettes chez anne

i found her the boar tusk and brass egg stand from eBay a few years ago, the egg was from Ebay also and the little skull was brought home from my first trip to Queenstown 

anne's boudoir!

xxx c

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  1. Boo to boring meeting rooms! I was just thinking that about the classrooms at my college. But I do love your skull and tusks combo! Amazing!


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