3 instagram re cap

alice's coffe table, she is having a lend of skully while i am homeless

instagram is really the most exciting thing ever and since i am really new to the iphone thing its even more exciting for me! here is the last little while on insta for you who dont follow moi (peepmystyle - duh!)

more from aleechay - m&m filled skull and butterfly in a bottle from evolution in NYC

ombre pink sunset reflection over alice's bed

wang + gloomies (in the ebay pics they looked bloody huge so i was quite shocked to get them thee size of my finger nail...)

coconut chips are the only thing that gets me through monday morning clinical forums

i helped my girlfriend jacqui sell some goodies on ebay including this deliciously hardware heavy prada

had dinner with my peeps alessandra and chelsea (best chicken teriyaki ever)

aleechay and i went for brekky and a walk up to barrenjoey lighthouse

then i saw this little jellyfish and terrorised alice with it, she asked me how thick their skin is, i said "very, watch i can gently step on it" then this happened...

coloured books at little paper lane

coloured decks at surfection

i was a good wiff and watched husband play cricket, pity i was on the phone when something good happened (i can't remember what its called, wickets or something)

fleur picked fresh from jacqui's garden that smelled insane

i went to help my friend nikki pick outfits for LA and stumbled upon her YSL clutch addiction

this bad boy came in the mail Monday morning much to my delight

we went to visit a friend and her spectacular Halloween stall (below), she also had this giant pineapple which was quite cool (above)

and finally some farewell snippets from kate's place where i house sat for 2 weeks. above ombre limoges and below this exquisite sea urchin ornament 

above, comfiest chair ever and delightful tribal cushion. below, an absolute beauty of a couch upholstered in ralph lauren at kate's shop FIG

xxx c

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  1. I am so jealous of Bowerbird! I've been holding off until Christmas for it!

  2. I'm pretty much famous after that post!

  3. Ahhhahahaahahaa poor jelly fish hahaahahaha

    Now you're addicted to instagram... you can start hitting up twitter?!!!!!!!



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