1 things i love

day 1 - colour

to coincide with the release of her delicious new book 'Things I Love', Megan Morton (together with Jen - the Interiors Addict) held a 7 days of 'things i love' competition on instagram to win a signed copy of her book. each day presented a new photographic challenge, day 1 was colour, day 2 objects, day 3 legs, day 4 books and bookcases, day 5 vignette, day 6 flowers and day 7 confetti. here are my entries...

day 2 objects

day 3 legs - my little sister in law lent me her pins

day 4 books/bookcases

day 5 vignette

day 6 flowers

day 7 confetti, i emptied everyone's hole punches at work!


xxx c

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1 comment:

  1. You didn't buy those snooker balls did you?
    I love, love, love them!

    Also love your dinosaur - as per usual ♥



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