2 i wish winter was around the corner

i wish winter was around the corner so i could wear this black neoprene coat from Topshop. i would wear it with this delicious double jersey stripe tee from bassike and these snake slippers from country road. i would spritz myself with my giant bottle of chanel jersey and eat laduree/lanvin macarons all day while shading my eyes with these karen walker sunglasses. this vintage hermes constance would be slung about my person (remember, it's a fantasy, i don't actually have $12,500 to spend on a bag) and i would wear a bright pink lip because in this fantasy i am the type of girl who actually wears pink lipstick instead of buying it and leaving it in the bathroom cupboard to admire. what prompted this post was not only my weekly check in with topshop's latest offerings but the 32 degree heat outside! (last Tuesday, not today) clearly i am a winter girl through and through - unless i am on holidays somewhere tropical then i love the heat

xxx temperature challenged, c

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  1. i am a winter person too! it's so much easier to dress in layers... today is quite like winter in sydney though. not supposed to get above 19 degrees. back up to 31 on thursday though.

    your winter day sounds lovely, stripes and macarons, how could you go wrong with that? x

  2. It was 38 degrees here on Saturday... and 35 today. Winter is a distant memory :-(


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