3 rorschach

timorous beasties have created this heavenly collection of 'rorschach' inspired wallpapers, i want i want i want a feature wall! this one above called chic blotch is pretty amazing don't you think? peep the rest here

xxx c

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  1. Hi Claudia! So nice to meet you and your fabulous blog! I was searching for info about Interior Designer Charles Spada and I got here. I'm from Argentina and, like you, I love Interior Design though I work in a totally different field. I've been reading your posts and loved them! This one is fantastic! Have you seen Eskayel's Rorschach like wallpaper? It's great. I adore Timorous Beasties designs, their Londond Toile is one of my favorite!. Already a follower and I guess I'll be around here frequently! Huge Hug


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