2 peep loves/august

kate foley's new york apartment as seen on the edit

the edit, alexander wang prisma pochette, marchesa gold plated flatware, the curated collection/skull style: skulls in contemporary art and design - camouflage book, the best coveteur EVER! the burg boxer large leather tote from marc by marc, the new TV show oddities, the melty misfits, my lovely friend who lent me her black suede givenchy wedge boots for a BIG night out (she must trust me implicitly!) and this lexon titan clock in pink (of course)

xxx c

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    I love it when grown up spaces take on child like aspects (in the teddybear figures!) Fabulousness!!

    :) Hazel

  2. I wannnnnnnnnnnnnnt that tote!!!
    I'm trying to decide on a tote for my travels to Singapore something that will be good on the plane/will carry all my crap + baby stuff eventually... I've looked at the Celine Phantom but the handle won't go over my shoulder. The LV Never Full is always at the top of my list but the fakes on every second lady make me mental vomit... it's hard to find the perfect tote with a strap that will go OVER the shoulder not just be held by hand.



    p.s That Coveteur was the bomb dot com. Best movie. Best characters. Best. I clearly remember seeing at the movies when it came out... we were obsessed back then to say the least.


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