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i can't believe i haven't posted about takashi murakami before! i was searching for some cool wallpaper for a mood board i am creating for an upcoming job when i stumbled upon kdia's SICK creation for her son's playroom (below) apparently all hand painted. i think the best i am going to get is a computer wallpaper but one can dream! i can't wait until i have kids and can furnish the room, it is going to be MAJOR (as you may remember i have already begun collecting dinosaurs!)

when i was younger one of the first designer bags i bought was a murakami x louis vuitton cherry blossom pochette but, claudia being claudia, i did a wardrobe purge and sold it some years ago. i wish i kept it...

any of you have some murakami of your very own? 

xxx c

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  1. melissa@prettysmallstoreAugust 30, 2012 at 10:02 AM

    I love this guy and this post!! That first image is killer.
    I also have the same handbag, it currently resides in my baby girl's room along with my own Murakami DIY. One of these


    mounted on cute paper and framed in this


    Simple, but so cute!

  2. Doll, thank you for your kind words yesterday.... Cotton Socks said she would do it ages ago and I thought she was too busy with wedding stuff to do it... but she's come to the rescue. Bless her heart.

    Our nursery is still no where near a nursery... there is a LOT of decorating to be done... but like you I've got dinosaurs haahahahaha and the play room is kind of done with Andy Warhol decks... sigh... I will get there eventually.


  3. Oh, how I covet some Murakami! The only Murakami I own is the Louis Vuitton camo...wait for it...mouse pad! Yeah, I be ballin!



  4. typical you...selling everything a week after you buy it!

  5. I want to paint my boys' wall like KDia did, but we are renting right now :( BOOOOOOO! x


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