8 feeling a little...

...lately and it's really getting me down! things at work have been super stress-y and life has seem to have gotten on top of me recently. i am having this week off work to wind down and re charge my batteries. so sorry if my posts also seem a little uninspired! oh and to top it off i accidentally washed my favourite jumper and it shrunk 3000 sizes - fuck

xxx c

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  1. I've totally been there. Always find it best to do what you're doing-take some time off! As soon as you step away you will be back on track. Love your blog, always.

  2. Yep, me too - must be the weather. I keep wanting to jump on a plane to recharge the batteries! Kate (fig)

  3. You know, I can really relate to this! and I love that you posted this. the truth. blunt as it is! I feel this way ALL the time. and I usually end up posting some crappy post as a result. It's the worst feeling ever! I admire that you actually just said it! You're not inspired. period the end. I should try that sometime. Thank you!!

    1. my pleasure! it's easier to just say it how it is sometimes isn't it? x

  4. Your lack of inspiration is inspiring. Honest. Blunt. Truthful. We are all human lady! Jesus now I feel like some group therapy.....alas....I shall end by saying....even we bloggers get the blues. ENJOY this week! xx

  5. Glad to hear you're taking some well deserved time for yourself! Enjoy it to the fullest. Start off by buying a new jumper!




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