5 DIY: door stop

thanks for the neat-o idea blithely (or should i say blithely's little brother emz) so my beloved is a personal trainer and he has these kind of things just peskily lying around - like he needs 4! hannah kindly offered some spare paint she had from a shoot at work and the colours fit perfectly for this little project. i decided on a pink base and orange stripe, i can always change it as the mood takes me!

offensive black kettle bell

and voila! instead of a little wedge of wood to prop open the front door we now have this little colour ball. with all that paint i was tempted to dip some tiny skulls i found in new zealand but i fear i may regret that one...restraint Claudia!

xxx c

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  1. Ha!

    That looks really good!!!!

    Nice DIY lady


  2. Great colours! So will he still be taking along this one for his male clients to use? ;)

  3. great d.i.y...can u tell me what the paint colours are from resene?


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