2 peep loves/may

pic: kaws one

i am introducing a new post at peep - peep loves - each month i will bring you a post full of the things i have been coveting. hope you enjoy!

kaws one blog, tylers eames shell chair journey, the chairfag, audrey marnays toys via the coveteur, the fact that blithely has announced her pregnancy! the real living for target flinders quilt cover, these cute little sneaks from wanted, this philip lim 31 hour bag, the chanel jersey fragrance and rouge coco baume, bourgery, atlas of human anatomy and surgery from taschen, and just for fun...this!

xxx c

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  1. Bless your heart!
    Thanks lady!!

    I am loving the Real Living Target linen range, my pregnant mind was in there the other day buying a cookie monster onsie and I COMPLETELY forgot to look at the linen. Dang. Will go back this week.



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