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i have scoured some of our best chains to bring you some of my picks for accessorising on the cheap(ish). let me know if you shop somewhere that has great affordable accessories, i would love a look! the first place i went was freedom, which has hit and miss seasons, and this season is a hit as far as i am concerned. there are heaps of accessories i could fill my place with, vessel anyone?

next on the list? ikea of course, here are my picks...

final stop, matt blatt...

hope this gives you some inspiration BU!

xxx c

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  1. Freedom is definately have a hit season at the moment. I am loving their new budget furniture (especially that gorgeous townhouse sofa, and the great mustard yellow armchair) and their accessories are great too. I think they have got better and better over the last couple of years. Ikea is always a great option for basic budget accessories too! Great round up xx

  2. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaayayayaa this is rad!!!
    Thank you so much!!

    Loving the Matt Blatt goodies and the sheepskin at Ikea. I actually saw a bigger one at Costco of all places to go on our armchair in the bedroom.

    Great post ladypants!


  3. Love this post - a series maybe? Always good to hear what the picks are from the big stores, sometimes they can be quite overwhelming.

  4. I love this! You have touched on some of my favourite pieces, and that lippy cushion from Ikea MUST be mine! I pretty much love everything from Matt Blatt, but that skeleton has been on my list {my very long list thanks to blogging!} for a while... Loved this post!


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