2 the honeymoon

mum and dad gave julian and i our honeymoon as a wedding gift so when mum booked it she told them it was a honeymoon and this is what they did with the bath, i thought they would empty it for me when they cleaned the room the next day but no, that was up to me to hand remove every last petal if i wanted to use the bath! (i could have asked but i didn't feel like waiting)

chickens with eating disorders everywhere...

and delicate orchids everywhere you look!

Jules made me go to the monkey forest with him (i was scared they would bite me) and what we thought was a helpful, kind guide took us through the forest then led us to a dead end, told us there were demons behind us and made us buy a tiny drawing he did (but probably didn't), i am not usually a sucker but i totally fell for him! needless to say we paid him and fled

markets in ubud, not much for sale in there apart from penis shaped bottle openers (no thank you) and hydrangeas that had seen better (and fresher) days

full moon at the villa - heaven 

and again the pool overlooking the forest

chickens for sale

the villa we stayed at in seminyak

the heavenly view lying down at the w hotel finished off with my sephora gold sparkly pedi from amo spa in seminyak!

p.s. have a serious case of the post wedding/honeymoon blues

xxx c

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  1. Ha Ha Ha penis shaped bottle openers.. Random.. But those baskets the poor little chickens are stuck in are mighty cool.. x

  2. Chickens with eating disorders aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa

    I would have asked them to empty the bathtub... it does look pretty though!

    That pool overlooking the forest is epic, what a setting!


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