4 leaving on a jit plane, again

so today has finally come, i am leaving on a jit plane (again) to go get married in queenstown, new zealand. while i am away i have scheduled all my posts so keep checking in! you will also see some guest posts for the first time which i hope you enjoy as much as i did. 

my bags are packed, dress is in it's hangy bag, hens and bucks are over, only 2 more sleeps to go. wish me luck!

xxx c
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  1. Claudia, all the best for this wonderful day!

  2. Good luck, have a beautiful day.x

  3. I dip in to your blog most days from Blighty (England, South Coast) though never leave comment but just wanted to wish you happy nuptials, best day of your life, enjoy every moment ;) speaking as a 'lifer' myself...that'll be 25yrs!! You get less for murder! But oh so happy...good luck and here's to happy days ahead x


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