10 kitchen tea

sunday was my kitchen tea at my future mother in law's house. it was a spectacular afternoon, my friends and family went to SO much effort to help celebrate our marriage and i am so grateful to them all! thanks especially go to Anne, Alice, Hannah, mum and Helen for all the glorious food and decorating - how amazing is the centerpiece on the dining table Anne created?!?

i especially loved the nest with dinosaur egg!

most of this was hand made and tasted out of this world good

Alice even got special C and J cookies made

thanks Helen for making these delicious meringue delights

my friends and family got together to get us the most incredible gift! remember when i talked about this tribecca bed head from bed nest? it was such a great and overwhelming gift (that's Alice and Lucy trying out new bed)

my gorgeous friends Kristin and Jacqui with baby Jackson

the two mums!

Alice and baby Ari (not hers)

Hannah made little take away gifts for the guests of some beautiful macaroon and high tea books and Alice wrote this message on their chalk wall for me...

it really was the most heavenly afternoon and it's only 2 weeks to go before i leave to get married! eek!

xxx c
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  1. Claudia, from the beautiful photos, it looks like it was a perfect event...and I'm sure the wedding celebration will be even better! All the best!

  2. Can't wait to hear and see the results of your big day- 2 weeks! That will fly and then its forever xxCorrina.

  3. Claudia...compliments to your mother in law...that centrepiece is stunning!

  4. What a gorgeous party Claudia. Looks fantastic and I love the centrepiece.

  5. What a beautiful party Claudia! The centrepiece looks absolutely amazing + your bed head is gorgeous! xx

  6. I am floored over how gorgeous that table setting is... completely different, I love it!!!

    And the bed head, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh the bed head!!!

    My sister in law is organizing my kitchen tea, I'm going to forward her this post for inspiration.


  7. i know right! how amazing is it! getting agroup gift was really so good, better than getting a whole bunch of spatulas!

  8. It looks like a wonderful party...you lucky girl...the centrepiece for the table is simply divine!

  9. Um wow - i thought my kitchen tea was good.....
    I have that bedhead!!!! But in the whole bed with a base (it was called trieste from Domayne - best purchase ive ever made!) your freinds (some of which im sure i know!) are amazing - lucky girl! cant wait to see some wedding piccies when its your turn - best day of your life i can gaurentee you that - goes super fast...can also guarentee that! :) sal x

  10. Sal, yours was great! i am lucky to have some very creative peeps around me. so excited to see the rest of your pics, you looked beautiful! look forward to sharing some of mine here too! x


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