4 clothes on beds

for some reason, my favourite coveteur shots are of the clothes and accessories strewn around the bedrooms. here are some delightful examples from their tumblr

it's strange that i like this because i HATE it on my own bed!

xxx c
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  1. funny how it looks fun in other spaces but I too go crazy when my own room looks like this!

  2. Boy, the Coveteur sure makes a mess of people's houses for their shoots don't they!? I think it's fun to see it because it's like snooping through someone's fab closet, but I agree that I can't stand my own room that way! I love Peep My Style and the Coveteur so this was a super fun post for me! I just started my own blog and staged my own Coveteur shoot for a post! So fun! Although I have to admit that my house was looking a bit like this too when I did my own shoot!


  3. Yes, I'm a tidy freak myself, but there's something about the way things are thrown about so glamorously...


  4. hmmm...super cool! In someone else's room!


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