3 life instyle adventure

yesterday i went to the life instyle trade fair at moore park which was my first ever experience of this kind. i went with a girlfriend of mine Bec and her beautiful baby girl Evie...

evie wore her new zara neon blue sandals and attracted a lot of attention! since we were avec bebe we went to the kids instyle section first and i found these brilliant cardboard robots from a german company called calafant...

and from momot at monster threads i found these little paper guys...

one of the first stalls inside i saw was angle diamond who make the most exquisite raw stone jewellry...

i was also rather taken with these sweet little wing necklaces from pigeonhole

then came the influx of neon goodness, firstly floor cushions from phoebe langdon...

next was aztec goodness from pony rider...

and in the same theme these gorgeous feather cushions from blacklist studio prints. i also fell in love with their screen prints which, founder jaynie said are all the results of her and her partner's gifts to each other - so cute!

and i couldn't resist these floral skull cushions!

i had been lusting after a bonnie and neil table cloth for a while  and finally saw it today, my favourite was the natural cloth with neon pink paint splatters, SPECTACULAR in person

a stripy version...

and then there was the always up lifting ada and darcy collection with fresh neon botanical prints

and finally, these gorgeous little woven baskets from lumiere art and co

i was so pleased to finally see my favourite lights in the flesh - coming into stores (and hopefully my house!) soon...

 they are made by design house stockholm and can be be bought through vincent2

all the stalls were styled so beautifully, especially these from mud australia...

  and g.lalo

i hope you enjoyed my round up of life instyle, there was so much to see and so much i wanted to take home right there and then but alas, we will have to wait a few months for it all to hit stores. thanks for having me and i can't wait for next year!

xxx c
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  1. The woven baskets from lumiere art and co looked so farmiliar that it's bugged me for days since I read this post.

    It reminded me of Maryann Talia Pau work...went looking for it today and found it!

    Samoan Melbourne based Maryann did a workshop for Harvest Textiles >>> http://harvesttextilestudio.blogspot.com.au/2011/10/weaving-pacific-way.html

  2. Thank you for the beautiful pics - Love the team at Angle Diamond Dot Jewellery

  3. My pleasure! Your jewels are exquisite xxx


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