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a small snippet of my fridge door. i wanted to share my friends zoie and mike's save the date card, it's SO them and so attractive, i can't wait for may! (i will be an old married lady by then) i always thought it was ugly to put stuff on the fridge (it probably still is) but it's so freakin' handy to have reminders and invites right there. i treat ours like a calendar which is good if you want le partner to remember things. and don't you love my neon pink origami kangaroo? (so weird, i do not know where i found that one)

xxx c
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  1. I used to think the same about fridges until I got into photography- I have a stainless steel fridge and I use it like a mood board with some of my black and white photography. I was given a gorgeous calender which is small(but not too small) full of B & W pics of Paris. The squares are just big enough to pencil in important dates. I think my fridge looks really cool. The odd childs artwork adds some colour. xxCorrina.

  2. thanks Corrina - makes me want to make it a mood board fridge NOW! and i just had one of my BFF's kids artworks framed. i totally agree they add so much fun and colour x

  3. What a beautiful little collection! You've definitely inspired me to get more creative with what I decorate my fridge with. Thanks for sharing! x


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