6 the farm

my family went down to my aunt and uncle's farm over the break, it's only about 3 hours out of sydney but it seems like a million miles away. they have only lived there for about 3 years and have slowly been doing it up so i thought i would share some photos of my aunties great style.

the table was $5, i nudged it and about 100 tiny spiders fell out, apparently a wasps bounty!

my uncle and sophie

breakfast preparations

obsessed with the nest of pots (right) that were carted all the way from paris. i wish breakfast looked like this at my house everyday!

most of these old bottles were found buried on the property and the vintage milk carrier is the PERFECT home for them.

my aunty has begun collecting birds nests...best idea ever!

chickens waiting at the back door everyday

gingery kittery

my cousin katie (or k-dubs as i like to call her)

my favourite curiosities table. i was lucky enough to find a new skull for myself this trip (even if we had to cheat death in the bulls paddock to get it...) i hope you enjoyed her style as much as i do

xxx c
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  1. Hello, I'm new to your blog, your Aunty's home is beautiful, so charming. Everything a home should be.

  2. What a gorgeous place, your aunty has done a beautiful job x

  3. Love your images, such s great post!
    The farm looks like a beautiful place, thanks for sharing.
    Just discovered your blog an am now following.

    Happy New Year.
    Abigail x

  4. Hey there gorgeous post and your Aunty has great taste. Where does she live? I live about 2.5/3hrs south of Sydney. xxCorrina.

  5. Please let me know if your Aunty is on the market for another daughter and a grandson because we are ready to move in.. It's like PERFECT in every way.. Same colour as out house too.. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.. x


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