2 bonboniere part 2

so i went to happy lab today after having multiple samples brought to me by F's mum and sister as you may have seen in this post. it was a very exciting experience, sensory overload. they had sweets in old french perfume flasks with the proper stopper tops and everything but it was these (above) that made me swoon. the test tubes have their own perspex holders! it comes in a row of 3 or 6. i am just waiting until i get to queenstown (where i am getting married in march next year) in 4 weeks to see the table arrangements etc then i can make these kinds of crucial decisions...all i know is these are going to look so good with my place settings.

xxx c
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  1. WOW. These are really different. What an original idea! Love them! And dare I say; very you?
    x KL


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