1 harrolds/testing bow ties

we went shopping for le smoking a few weekends ago and came accross Harrolds. holy moses. that shop is HEAVEN! the fit out for starters is crazy beautiful and there are dedicated rooms for each designer - a tom ford room, i mean! AHS kept wandering back into the tom ford room not for the clothes, but the gay man with the dreamy eyes...she went back again at a later date just to revisit him. we found a jacket, ysl no less, and it is exquisite but a little out of our price range...we also happened upon trays and trays of tom ford bow ties, we're thinking the polka dot, plus his best man has the houndstooth and that would be cute together. the shoes, the bags, everything in this shop is covetable. go peep it for yourself! p.s. how amazing is the couch and those expertly karate chopped cushions.

xxx c
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  1. Correction - [little AHS]. AHS has not seen him yet. I will happily go back for more eye candy. You also didnt mention his French accent. . .


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