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from the home of canadian creative director jenn cranston via the coveteur. the jonathan adler ceramic, the faded balenciaga, the egg on a stand, the fleurs in the resin vase - its a beauty. what caught my eye first though was the tan, lilac and cream combo and the balenciaga reminded me how much i loved faded tan leather and this ball i saw at coco republic (just the ball not the stand)

which then reminded me how much i love coco republic and how much i want this side table...

which reminded me to keep looking at coco republic for a chair for a friend of mine who is doing up a house in London whose partner manages Adele

pic: loft965

which reminded me how amazing she was at the recent VMA's, and that leads me to my last thought...BEYONCE - and her sublime performance and new song which fits the wedding bill perfectly i think!

pic: mtvpress

my stream of thought for you...

xxx c
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