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i am in planning mode at the moment, wedding, work, life in general and this offering from the coveteur is what my internal calendar looks like (i am a BIG fan of the pink post-it). i am so busy at the moment that my days off are not days off (i work saturdays so i get mondays off and you can get ALOT done on a monday, come to think of it, i am always busy on my days off because i like to 'get things done' but it's amplified at the moment). i am actually more excited about the honeymoon in bali and finally relaxing than i am the wedding...i know that's not what i'm meant to think but i do! (no pun intended). in everyday life i like to be organised and i imagine that if i weren't so, my life would be a shit fight at the moment, so thank god for my OCD tendencies this year!

xxx c
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